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4 Safety Tips for Your Pup This Holiday Season

Your Pup This Holiday Season
With the fall season in full swing, the holidays are quickly approaching. The holidays can be a very busy time from Halloween to New Years, and it can be an anxiety-riddled time for your pup. With all the running around, people coming and going in your home and the extra decorations around, it can be a troublesome time for your pup. There are also a number of things around that can be harmful to your dog.
Keep reading to learn some safety tips for your pup to get through the holidays this year.

1. Keep Candy Out of Reach

Candy is never good for your pup, but during the holidays, you may have a lot of candy on hand. Chocolate and other candies can be like poison for dogs. Keep bowls of candy out of reach of your pup, and don't allow your children to keep Halloween candy and other candies in their bedrooms, where your dog could easily find it.

2. Don't Force a Costume

Not all dogs look forward to their Halloween costume or those reindeer ears for Christmas. Don't force your pup to wear a costume of any kind if they are a little less than thrilled to wear it. If your pup doesn't mind, then go for it, but if they are fighting you to get it on, don't push it.
Also, look for pet-friendly costumes from your local pet store - not anything made for a human because it may not fit comfortably and could be dangerous for your dog.
Even if your dog wants to wear a costume, don't ever leave them home alone while wearing it, as it could be dangerous if it gets snagged on anything. Also, keep an eye on your pup when wearing a costume to make sure it isn't choking your dog or isn't too tight fitting that it makes it difficult for your dog to breathe.

3. Keep Your Pet Warm

The temperature change during the holidays can affect your dog, so be mindful when taking your pup outside during these times. If it's too cold, your pup may pick up their paws, which means it's too cold for them. Be sure to keep this in mind, and take your pet inside if it's too cold. Chances are if it's too cold for you, it is too cold for your pup too.
If you're taking your dog into the snow during the holiday season, also keep an eye out for hypothermia or frostbite. If your dog is shivering from the cold, take them inside and provide them with blankets to keep warm. Make sure your dog is drinking plenty of water during those colder days to stay hydrated as well.

4. Spoil Your Pup Properly

Of course, your pup is probably going to get presents for Christmas along with the rest of the family, but keep an eye on the wrapping paper, bows and ribbon you may have wrapped the present in. Skip the wrapping, if you can, to prevent your dog from ingesting it by accident when trying to unwrap a gift. Give gifts such as healthy bones, treats and toys to help stimulate them and keep them busy and active. 
You may be busy during the holidays, but your dog still needs your attention throughout the holiday season. Keep a close eye on your pup to keep them safe. If you notice your dog acting differently or not feeling well, take them to South San Diego Veterinary Hospital for a visit to the veterinarian for a checkup to be sure they didn't get into something they shouldn't have during this busy time.