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Going RV Camping With Your Dog? Tips fora Good Trip

Many dog owners love to take their dogs with them on RV trips, and many dogs love to accompany their owners on these trips. Knowing in advance how to take care of your dog and how to plan for such a trip is important. These tips will help you get ready for an RV trip with your dog this summer. 

Plan Ahead

Dogs aren't allowed to stay in every RV campground or park. Find out ahead of time where the most dog-friendly areas are to ensure you'll have access to the resources you need when you arrive. It's also important to know the pet policies of each RV campground before you roll up to the entrance, so you're not stuck looking for a place to stay at an inconvenient time.

Map out your route before you leave, and contact each RV campground in advance to learn more about their dog policies. RV campgrounds may limit the number of dogs you're allowed to keep in your RV. They may also limit where dogs are allowed to go and may have other rules regarding dog behavior.

Get as much information as possible before booking your reservation. While you have the campground on the phone, find out whether there are stores nearby that sell dog supplies, just in case you need something.

Take Mini Holidays Before A Long Trip

Some dogs get anxious when they're away from home or in unfamiliar surroundings. Some dogs just need more time to adjust to RV life. Taking several mini holidays before a long trip can help your dog get used to the experience in a low-stakes and manageable way.

Watch your dog for signs of anxiety like trembling, withdrawal, and hiding. If your dog is anxious, then you may need to expose him or her to the RV more gradually.

While you're camping in your RV, take note of which dog supplies you find yourself wishing you'd brought, and which ones you could have left at home. Use this information to make a master packing list to use when you go away on your first big trip. 

Keep Your Dog Comfortable in the RV

Leaving a dog in an RV can be risky. Cracking the windows is a good way to let in fresh air, but an RV can become very hot or cold during times of extreme weather. Leaving the air conditioner running is a good way to keep your dog comfortable. However, be aware that power outages can happen in RVs.

If your RV doesn't have air conditioning and it's very hot outside, then it may not be safe to leave your dog alone in the RV. In cases like these, bring your dog with you when you leave. If you must leave your dog alone in the RV, then leave your name and number with the front desk and ask them to call you if the park experiences a power outage. 

Order Medications in Advance

If your dog takes special medication, then order his or her prescription in advance so that you'll have enough medicine to last through your entire trip.

If your dog has any special medical conditions, then talk to your dog's veterinarian about your trip. Your dog's vet may need to know where your dog will be going, what kind of activity your dog will be doing, and how long you'll be gone. Take note of any advice your dog's veterinarian gives you. If possible, get the vet's emergency contact information in case something comes up on the road. 

For more information about how you can keep your dog safe on your next RV trip, contact South San Diego Veterinary Hospital. We'll be happy to answer all of your questions.