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Tips for Traveling With Pets

Tips for Traveling With Pets
Planning on taking your pet on the road? Getting a vet checkup, packing some necessities and practicing a few important safety tips will make sure that you both stay happy and safe.
Begin With a Checkup From Your Vet
Schedule a checkup to confirm that Fido or Fluffy is well enough to travel. Work with your vet to ensure that your companion gets all necessary vaccinations, and ask them to issue a health certificate. Finally, obtain copies of medical records to take with you when you travel.
Include Safe Restraints
Allowing your pet to roam free in the car poses a risk of injury. Invest in a pet carrier, pet seat belt or pet car seat so they can ride safely.
Invest in a Temporary ID Tag
Besides the regular ID tag on your pet’s collar, also attach a tag that has your travel contact information. Keep a recent photo of your pet on hand to help identify it in case it gets lost.
Stock Up
Taking an ample supply of pet food with you is smart, as you can’t guarantee that you’ll find the brands you use on the road. Include collapsible food and water bowls, collars, toys, bedding, grooming supplies and a first-aid kit as well.
Traveling with your pet means being prepared for a variety of situations. A vet checkup, safe restraints, extra identification and packing essentials will ensure that you’re ready to roll. To schedule a pet checkup with a veterinarian, contact South San Diego Veterinary Hospital today.