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Veterinary Clinic Offering Medical Care for Cats in San Diego

For many people, cat medical care isn’t a concern until there are major medical issues. At South San Diego Veterinary Hospital, we recommend that every San Diego cat owner seek preventative care from the time his or her companion is a kitten. We hope to catch illnesses and provide treatment before the ailment becomes a serious issue. We understand the unique temperaments of the feline family and offer a cat-friendly environment.

Common Feline Health Issues

There are several common feline ailments that could affect your cat. We treat a wide variety of issues including:
  • Vomiting: There are many possible causes behind a vomiting cat. Please seek care before your companion becomes dehydrated. If possible, bring a sample of the vomit to your appointment.
  • Feline lower urinary tract disease: The condition tends to be common in pets that are overweight or are otherwise unfit. Watch for bloody urine, a decreased appetite and changes in urination patterns.
  • Fleas: This problem is common with pets who spend a lot of time outside. Watch out for frequent licking or scratching, irritated skin, hair loss and visible fleas.
  • Feline renal disease: This condition is most common in older cats but can also affect kittens. Watch out for frequent urination, an increase in the amount of water your cat drinks, a discolored tongue and weakness.
  • Dental disease: The symptoms of these conditions include difficulty eating, a change in chewing habits and bad breath.
We also work with pet owners from East Lake and Chula Vista to address behavioral problems.
Medical Care for Cats | South San Diego Veterinary Hospital

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