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Using SCENAR Therapy to Treat Pets in San Diego

Veterinary SCENAR therapy was originally developed by the Russians in the late ‘70s. The original device was used to treat astronauts, serving as a biofeedback device aiding in muscle re-education and relaxation training. In the ‘90s, as the USSR broke up, the technology became widely available to medical providers in the U.S. Today, it has FDA approval and is used to locate and take measurements from painful areas, as well as to provide pain treatment for those areas. The device and treatment method also has European Common Market certification for use in pain control. At South San Diego Veterinary Hospital in San Diego, we use the Self-Controlled Energetic Neuro-Adaptation Regulator, also known as SCENAR therapy, to assist us as we provide health care for our animal patients.
How can SCENAR help your animals? When working with animals, the process of pinpointing the source of trouble is sometimes more difficult than with humans. The device is used to detect areas that require treatment. This therapy method stimulates specific nerve endings to produce the body’s own chemicals to reduce pain, provide anti-inflammatory results and promote general healing. The technology helps us provide gentle and thorough care for our patients in the Chula Vista and East Lake areas.
SCENAR Therapy | South San Diego Veterinary Hospital

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